onsite health and wellness services for companies

Corporate Health and Wellness

Any Stage Physiotherapy is here to offer onsite health and wellness services for companies looking to assist their staff with a smooth transition into their office space, or those looking for a complete improvement of their current workspace environment. With several strategies offered, we are here to assist staff with pain management, prevent pain, and improve staff morale and productivity.

Corporate Physiotherapy

For the Employer:

Corporate Physio can significantly benefit staff morale, motivation and productivity. Any Stage Physiotherapy is here to assist with the following:

Onsite Physiotherapy Treatment

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of staff injuries
  • Aiming to reduce work cover claims and loss of productivity
  • Improving physical, mental and emotional well-being of staff members
  • Assistance with movement routines and workstation setup

Ergonomic workstation assessment and modifications

  • Assessing and modifying desk, chair and screen heights,
  • Complete chair set up to assist with posture,
  • Keyboard and mouse positioning/location on the desk,
  • Education and advice related to sit/stand desks for the individual.

Pre-employment health and wellness screenings

  • Assessment of health markers including blood pressure, heartrate
  • Movement assessment to indicate an individualised routine to prevent pain
  • Ergonomic or lifting assessment

Wellness programs

  • Massage and functional exercise
  • Providing onsite stress management strategies
  • Individualised exercise routines to assist staff with pain management

A corporate Physiotherapy package can be put together to offer your staff the support they require to remain pain-free, motivated and productive.

For the Employee:

As we move into a hybrid routine of working from the office and home, it is important to understand key features of your environment that may contribute to pain. By making simple changes to your desk setup, it may be possible to prevent the frustrating feeling of neck and back pain. Once these changes have been made, a supported exercise program will assist with long-term benefits.

The success of any business lies with the productivity of its staff. Any Stage Physiotherapy is here to assist.

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